Testimonials from Parents

“My four boys absolutely love Nathan!  He is patient, energetic, always giving encouragement and makes learning fun.  He gives high level instruction that greatly benefits all the ages and abilities of my boys.  Always doing more than what is expected, he keeps my sons engaged, motivated, improving and having fun.  I am so thankful we found him as a baseball instructor but also for a positive role model for my boys.

Angela Eichenlaub
Soaring Eagles Baseball Parent

“My son told me he was ready to quit baseball after other coaches had taken the fun out of the game.       I had already signed him up for Nathan’s camp, so I told him he had to go… but if he still was ready to leave the game after camp, he could, and we would look for another sport. All week long all I heard was Coach Nathan this and Coach Nathan that. It was a great pleasure to see my son come home every day enjoying and loving baseball again. I thank Nathan from the bottom of my heart for that. My son loves baseball again and it’s all thanks to Nathan for his strong, caring, thoughtful and fun-loving leadership style and his genuine commitment to helping others.”

Patrick Gordon
Soaring Eagles Baseball Camp Parent

“My son learned a ton at Nathan’s baseball camp and was excited to come back day after day.  It was truly a blessing to have a camp where these young boys and girls can learn about a sport they love, but more importantly be surrounded by a coach like Nathan who cares so much about building character in young people…and keeping Jesus at the center of it all!  Nathan’s ability to teach, care for and somehow organize all those kids onto one field was amazing to watch!  The daily devotions, the drills, the competitions, the progress reports, the personalized award certificates and most of all, Coach Nathan’s ability to lead and inspire these kids made his camp a one-of-kind, life-changing experience.”

Victoria Ciresi
Soaring Eagles Baseball Camp Parent

” Coach Nathan’s camp is by far the best camp Karsen has ever attended!  Each day is challenging and fun all at the same time.  I love knowing that when I drop my son off at camp, he is working to improve his skills of a game he loves so much, but he is also learning life lessons and how to be a true steward of the game from a very special group of coaches.  Each one of them are great role models for these kids and Karsen will always be a repeat attendee of this camp!  Coach Nathan‘s camp has been a true blessing for our son and so many others!”

Mari Dodd
Soaring Eagles Baseball Camp Parent

“Our two boys, ages 8 and 9, have attended Soaring Eagles baseball camp for three sessions (one each in 2019, two each in 2020) and absolutely LOVE everything about the camp. They love baseball and so of course love the opportunity to gain lessons on their skills and play with friends, but what they really take away are the daily devotions and the emphasis around character, effort, sportsmanship, building up their teammates, and fun with their friends and families. The respect and camaraderie at this camp is such an amazing environment and all of the coaching staff has always been positive, kind, and genuinely excited about the kids. They jump at every opportunity they can get to see Coach Nathan and all of the staff and we look forward to future camps!“

Rita & Erik Tonne
Soaring Eagles Baseball Camp Parents

“Our oldest kid has had the opportunity to participate in Coach Nathan’s summer camps for the last four years and now takes private lessons with him. Coach Nathan not only has a love for the game but also for teaching kids. He spends time on the fundamentals of the game as well as the players character.  It has been fun watching my kid go from a middle of the pack kid who was afraid to fail to making two different travel teams. Coach Nathan has given him the confidence to take the risks required to make big plays. “

James Welch
Soaring Eagles Baseball Parent

“Nathan renewed my son’s love for the game during baseball camp.  He is a natural teacher and a terrific role model for young people. His giftedness in motivating kids and his ability and maturity in relating to a wide variety of players, parents, grandparents and his fellow instructors was truly impressive.”

Eric McAuley
Soaring Eagles Baseball Camp Parent

“Coach Nathan, thank you for creating such a great experience for Grady and the other kiddos this week. He really enjoyed it. I know for sure because he never said anything like “it’s too hot…how many more days do I have to go…I kinda miss you when I’m there.”  Things I’ve heard with other camps he’s done.  From the skills to the devotions and yoga – I know he absorbed a lot. And it was clear today that you all have really paid attention to each child. We’ll certainly look forward to coming back next summer!  Thank you again!”

Susan Arrington
Soaring Eagles Baseball Camp Parent

Coach Nathan is great at building baseball skills, but more than that, he builds confidence and character. As a parent, time and money are valuable, but the lessons and camps our boys have done with Coach Nathan are completely worth it!

Jessica Smartt
Soaring Eagles Baseball Parent / Home School Teacher